Can I use SB Backpack as Bulletproof vest ?

No, you can not. SB Backpack can not protect all your body. SB Backpack is not certified under NIJ regulations and can not be defined as Bulletproof vest.


I saw a USB Port , does SB Backpack comes with a battery to recharge my phone?

SB Backpack does not come with any battery , giving you the freedom to select the best of your choice.


I SB Backpack totally Water Resistant?

SB Backpack front panel is water proof, the top, bottom and side material is water resistant. You can put SB Backpack in a puddle of water, you can leave it in the rain. However you can not put it below water because the back side is breathable material, it means , water can come inside.


When will SB Backpack be shipped?

We expect, it will take us 1 month from the time you make your Order till we are able to perform the shipments. All deliveries will go with a shipping tracking number .


If you have more questions, send us a message to project@sambucket.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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